Additional costs related to approval of an invitation for requesting a visa

During CSIT Congress there was  a presentation delivered by Consular and Diplomatic Facilities Directorate representative Ambassador‐Director General Mr. Mihails Popkovs that there are additional costs associated with requesting visas.

We would like to inform you to take into account these additional expenses related to approval of an invitation for requesting a visa.

The additional costs are calculated according to the number of people included in the invitation.

As it is only possible to include 10 people in one request, the cost will depend on the number of people in the delegation.

This is just an example that will give you better idea how a cost is calculated.

Example: 25 people in the delegation
Fee for request submission: 7.11 x 3 = EUR 21,33
Additional fee for every person in the request: 2.85 x 25 = EUR 71,25

Total non-refundable fee: 21.33 + 71.25 = EUR 92.58

IMPORTANT: This amount is non-refundable and should be paid to LTSA before preparation of the invitation for requesting a visa has started.

Service Sum (EUR)
on a submitted request for approval of an invitation 7.11
additionally – for every person, whose age is more than six years included in the request for invitation 2.85
additionally – for every child under the age of 6 included in the request for invitation 1.42
For every specification in the information included in the request for invitation, performed in accordance with the inviter’s request 5.69

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AirBaltic welcomes new Bombardier CS300

On the 5th of December airBaltic new Bombardier CS300 has successfully performed the first flight above Riga.
The new CS300 had many VIPs on board, including Minister of transport of the Republic of Latvia Uldis Augulis, airBaltic Vice President Corporate Communications Janis Vanags, mayor of Liepaja Uldis Sesks and many more. LTSA Chairman of the Board Andris Berzinsh and LTSA Secretary General Galina Gorbatenkova were also among the first to enjoy the flight with the new aircraft.
airBaltic is the first company that purchased Bombardier CS300, one of the most innovative aircrafts in the world. Designed with the passenger experience in mind, the CSeries cabin provides ample seating space for unparalleled comfort: more room where you need it. Luggage storage is the largest in its class, offering space for every passenger to stow their carry-on luggage.
Innovative design and technology are now available for those who will choose flying with Bombardier CS300. CSeries aircraft flies faster than similar aircraft, requiring less time to bring you to your destination.
This experience will also be available to WSG participants, as from 2016, the C Series will gradually replace the airBaltic Boeing 737 fleet. From 14th of December CS300 will perform regular flights to Amsterdam. Starting from January there will be other destinations, such as Barcelona, Paris, London, Frankfurt and some more.